Source code for blenderneuron.activity

    import numpy as np
    numpy_available = True

    from blenderneuron.blender.utils import rdp
    numpy_available = False

[docs]class Activity: def __init__(self): self.times = [] self.values = []
[docs] def clear(self): self.times = [] self.values = []
[docs] def to_dict(self): # Ensure times are a python list times = self.times if type(self.times) is list else list(self.times) # Trim value floats to 4 sig digits - using sci notation # Using more for display purposes is not necessary # Trimming helps with compression when sending values from NRN to Blender values = [float('%.3E' % v) for v in self.values] return { "times": times, "values": values, }
[docs] def from_dict(self, source): self.times, self.values = source["times"], source["values"]
[docs] def simplify(self, epsilon=0.0): if len(self.values) * len(self.times) == 0 or not numpy_available: return # Make a matrix where times and values are columns formatted = np.vstack((self.times, self.values)).T # Run simplification algorithm simplified = rdp(formatted, epsilon).T # Split the result matrix back to individual times and values columns self.times, self.values = simplified[0:2]