BlenderNEURON is a software tool that enables to use Blender, an open-source high-performance 3D modeling tool to visualize and edit models built with NEURON simulator.


  • NEURON models can be in any format (HOC or Python)
  • Cell/Network morphology inspection
  • Membrane potential (or any other membrane variable) visualization over time
  • Replay, step-through, scrubbing through simulation output
  • Adjustable level of detail (supports single cell or large network models)
  • Render as static images or video files
  • Blender files can be uploaded and shared on Sketchfab
  • Python API to automate any task




The tool consists of two parts:

  1. The Python library, which runs inside NEURON
  2. The Blender Addon, which runs inside Blender

These two parts exchange information and allow importing/exporting models between NEURON and Blender.